Scout Money Earning Fundraisers

The troop has three fundraisers for the scout's to earn a portion or all of their costs for dues, long term camping and equipment purchases. 100% of the profits earned will be credited to the individual scout's account.

Scout Account Agreement – Revised 9/25/2017

I agree that the money earned with Troop 141 sponsored fundraisers (Wreath, Popcorn & Aluminum Recycling) and special fundraiser events will be placed in my Scout Account. Funds will be automatically used from my account to first pay for Troop Dues then for summer camp at Many Point or a Troop High Adventure Trip. If I have excess funds I may buy scout equipment with prior approval from the Scoutmaster. I will bring in a sales receipt and a check will be issued from the Troop for that amount up to $250 annually (If Scout did not attend Many Point withdrawal limited to $150 annually).

If I join another Troop, the funds will be transferred to that Troop’s treasurer. If I leave scouting, the money left in my account will be moved from my account to the troop general fund. If I return to scouting, my account will be re-opened with the amount that I left.

Scout ___________________________ Parent or Guardian __________________________

Date _____________________

Troop 141 Northern Lights District, Northern Star Council

Trails End Popcorn Sales

2019 Fall Sale Information

2019 Fall Sale starts Friday, September 20th
Turn in orders at Troop Meeting Monday, October 28th
Popcorn pick up is Monday, November 23rd

70% of your purchase goes back to local Scouting to fund programs and camping activities.

Products Available

$60.00 Chocolate Lover's Collection
$40.00 Sweet & Savory Collection
$30.00 Cheese Lover's Collection
$20.00 18 oz Chocolatey Carmel Crunch
$20.00 20 oz. Salted Caramel Popcorn with Sea Salt
$20.00 18-pack Kettle Corn Microwave
$20.00 18-pack Unbelievable Butter Microwave
$20.00 9 oz. White Cheddar Cheese Corn
$20.00 18 oz. Premium Caramel Corn with Almonds, Cashews & Pecans
$10.00 11 oz. Classic Carmel Corn
$10.00 30 oz. Popping Corn
$25.00 or $50 Hometown Hero Donation - send a gift of popcorn to our lockal heroes - Military, Police, Fire and EMS.

Scout's earn 39 percent of total sales with 100% of profits credited to their Scout Account.

Contact Marty Paulat, Popcorn Chairperson, at cell/text 612-237-6145 or e-mail

Wreath Sales

2019 Fall Sale Information

Turn in orders at Troop meeting Monday, October 28th

Wreath pick up is Wednesday, November 27th

All wreaths and swags include a fabric bow. 25" wreaths and swags are bagged for easy delivery.


25" $18.00
30" $24.00
36" $30.00
48" $48.00

36" Green metal grave stand $7.00


24" $18.00


25 feet $36.00 - includes two bows

Holiday Centerpiece


Contact Jeff Ankeny, Wreath Sales chairperson at (612) 414-4137 or