Scouts BSA Boys Troop 141

Since its founding in 1953. Boys Troop 141 has been helping youth in our community build character, develop leadership skills, and seek adventure, all while having fun.

The young men of Scouts BSA Troop 141 (recognized by the Northern Star Council as Troop 3141) have been developing outstanding leaders who are highly skilled and prepared for anything and everything that comes next. They have been learning to help each other and the rest of the world for over six decades.

Personal Growth Through Scouting

The Scouting program, designed for youth ages 11–17, features many practical skills: camping, first aid, citizenship, technology, and more. The Scouts take on more challenges as they advance through Scouting’s ranks, including choosing from over 135 different merit badges.

The entire Scouts BSA program is rooted in the Scout Oath and Law, a set of guiding principles that inform everything that happens in Scouting. The Oath is a fundamental promise each Scout makes, and the Law is a set of 12 ideals to which every Scout must adhere.

Getting the Most Out of Scouting

There is an endless list of opportunities available to Scouts, and the more Scouts put in, the more they will get out of it. The best part? Compared to other programs, Scouting is extremely affordable.

Parents are welcome to join the troop, either as a registered leader who gives guidance to the Scouts, or just a parent who supports the Scouts and occasionally joins the troop on campouts and other activities.

Be part of the fun and join Scouts BSA Boys Troop 141 today!