Eagle Scouts

Guiding Scouts to Eagle for Over 65 Years

Troop 141 has a tradition of Scouts earning the highest rank in Scouting, that of Eagle Scout. It’s quite an undertaking, requiring completion of 21 merit badges, as well as planning and carrying out a large service project that will have a lasting impact on a community.

What Makes an Eagle Scout Special?

Since 1912, the Eagle Scout rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment—perhaps without equal—that is recognized across the country and even the world. Those who have earned the Eagle Scout rank count it among their most treasured achievements. “Eagle Scout” is not just an award; it is a state of being. Those who earned it as youth continue to earn it every day as adults. That is why an Eagle Scout IS an Eagle Scout—not was.

Eagle Scouts of Troop 141

2022Josh Sabin
2022Bradan O’Rourke
2021Jacob Eggert
2021Devin Ankeny
2020Lance Castle
2020Ryan Holt
2020Brian Lindahl
2019Shane Heggem
2018Evan Condon
2018Josh Bradley
2017Jacob Peterson
2016Isaac Abbott
2015Grant Engeman
2015Matt Olson
2015Garrett Lane
2015Parker Condon
2015Andrew Potach
2015Alex Thompson
2014Samuel Westerlund
2013Travis Hagerman
2013Nicholas Ostrem
2012John Oddan
2011John Bednarczyk
2009Tyler Dobey
2009Anthony Reller
2008Alex Hagerman
2007Clark Anderson
2007Brian Yingst
2007Nick Heymer
2006Justin Kofoed
2006Evan Yingst
2005Reid Wersal
2005Paul Genereux
2005Alexander Franks
2004Thomas Willard
2003Paul Anderson
2000Johnathan Held
2000John McFerran
2000Adam Olby
1999Lee Parsons
1999Ben Thomas
1998William Cebula
1996Tony Bristol
1996Kevin Johnson
1996David Oss
1996Brad Secord
1995Kevin Bronson
1995Davin Russell
1994Randy Dyson
1994Troy Rachey
1993Erik Lindstrom
1993Kevin Wilson
1992Jason Manro
1992Michael Tyrrell
1991Todd Knealing
1989Pat Moriarty
1988Matt Beuchler
1988Jim Irmen (Horn)
1988Mike Murray
1988Cory Pregant
1985Dave Johnson
1981Kent Lindstrom
1979Edwin Hawes
1979Bill Peters
1978Keith Lindstrom
1977Dan Hatcher
1976Ron Chagnon
1973Cully Gause
1973David Peterson
1972Scott Eckberg
1971Joe Schneider
1970Steven Christianson
1970David Oliver
1970Joseph Schneider
1970John Wilson
1969Alan Arntson
1968Richard Arntson
1968Richard Christianson
1968William Christianson
1966William Erickson
1966Keith Fryxell
1964Jeffrey Anderson
1964Philip Johnson
1964Alf Larson Jr.
1964Ronald Olsen
1964Alan Roskos
1964John Sandgren
1964James Stone
1958Gordon Campbell
1958Jack Ellison
1958Malcolm Ellison
1958James Foster
1958Terry Henry
1958Buster Knox
1958Robert Larsen
1958Richard Olson
1958S. Richard Roskos
1958William Roadfeldt