Events & Activities

Outdoor Adventures

Cub Scout Summer Camp

In the summer, Pack 141 spends a weekend at the beautiful Kiwanis Scout Camp on the shores of the St. Croix River, where Cub Scouts learn valuable physical and mental skills. They learn as they have fun shooting BB guns, riding ponies, canoeing and rowing, swimming, running an obstacle course, and more.

Scouts going into fifth grade attend Arrow of Light Camp at Camp Navajo, which gives them a taste of independence and Scouts BSA summer camp.

Other Council Camps

The Northern Star Council offers other outdoor events during the year, including a fall day camp, Spooky-ree weekend camp in October, and Polar Cubs, an outdoor day camp in the winter.

There are other summer day camps just for Tigers, as well as family camps and Discovery Day Camp.

Indoor Excitement

Winter Camp-In

The night before the Pinewood Derby, we set up tents indoors, watch a movie, play some games, and kick back and relax.

Pinewood Derby

One of the highlights of the year is the Pinewood Derby. Scouts work with their parents and guardians to craft a vehicle out of a block of wood, then race them down a long track.

Serving the Community

Each year, the pack helps the community in several ways, with a focus on keeping Spanjers Park in Robbinsdale clean and free of litter.