Pack Organization

Pack Leadership Positions

Charter Organization Representative: Serves as a liaison between the charter partner (Elim Lutheran Church) and the various Scouting units. He or she ensures all adult leaders serve the best interests of the charter organization and the BSA.

Pack Program Leadership

Cubmaster: Works with both Cub Scouts and den leaders, providing direction, coaching, and support. The Cubmaster has three primary roles:

  1. Run the monthly pack meeting.
  2. Work with the pack committee and pack leaders to plan and carry out the pack program.
  3. Make sure Scouts are having their needs met and are having fun!

Assistant Cubmaster: Helps the Cubmaster deliver the promise of Scouting, filling in when needed and helping carry out the pack program.

Den Leaders: Leads the dens at weekly meetings and monthly pack meetings, working directly with a specific age group of Cub Scouts. This is a very important position, as den leaders work with Cub Scouts and parents to help the Scouts learn and advance.

Assistant Den Leaders: Help the den leader at meetings, including substituting leading the den whenever necessary.

Pack Committee (Pack program supporters)

The pack committee is a cross between a board of directors and a parent support group. It sets pack policies, handles administrative functions, and helps the Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmasters to focus on working directly with the Scouts and den leaders.

Pack Committee Chair: The top volunteer in the pack is the Pack Committee Chair. They are responsible for ensuring enough qualified adult volunteers are in place to provide the program. They lead the pack committee meetings.

Treasurer: Making sure the pack is on sound financial footing and tracking income and expenditures is the role of the Treasurer. The Treasurer tracks individual Scout accounts and works with other committee members to make sure registration fees and camp fees are collected and payments to Scout camps and reimbursements are made.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for taking and sharing notes of Pack Committee meetings, as well as making sure pack records are up-to-date. Maintaining the pack calendar on Scoutbook and letting pack leaders know of training materials are also essential duties.

Fundraising Chair: The financial success of the pack is the primary responsibility of the Fundraising Chair, who runs the annual popcorn fundraiser. Getting the Cub Scouts excited and motivated to sell is by far the most important part of this role.

Membership and Registration Chair: Keeping track of who is in the pack is the job of the Membership and Registration Chair. This involves helping new Scouts and families complete the registration process, working to transition Webelos to Scouts BSA troops, and leading the annual rechartering process.

Camping/Outings Chair: This is the fun stuff. The Camping/Outings Chair organizes and plans pack outings, campouts, community service projects, as well as promoting and registering Scouts for council camps.

Volunteer Coordinator: Making sure leadership positions are filled and that leaders have proper training is the responsibility of the Volunteer Coordinator. This person also coordinates with event organizers (such as the Pinewood Derby and service projects) to make sure the events are have everything they need to succeed.

New Member Coordinator: Who gets people not in the pack excited about Cub Scouts? The New Member Coordinator! This position leads recruiting efforts, such as School Night for Scouting, and works with the district and council membership teams to grow the pack.