Scouts BSA Uniform

The Scouts BSA uniform is what fosters a collective identity, gives Scouts a place to show off their accomplishments, and lets the community know Scouts are out there doing their best.

While the official uniforms have many pieces, most Scouts wear just the appropriate uniform shirt, neckerchief, slide (handmade slides are acceptable), and merit badge sash. Other parts are optional.

Scouts are considered wearing a “Class A” uniform when they wear the official uniform shirt. A “Class B” uniform means wearing an official Scouting t-shirt for activities, such as one from a camp or the red Troop 141 t-shirt.

Where to Find Scout Uniforms

There are many places you can get Scout uniforms. The official Scout Shops have all types of new uniforms, uniform parts, patches, and more. Thrift stores are a great place, especially around Halloween as uniforms are often part of their Halloween assortment. The Northern Star Council also has a uniform exchange program, where you can get clean, gently used uniforms (and sometimes patches) at very low prices.

You can find uniforms at both official Scout Shops and local sources:

Parts of the Scout Uniform

The BSA has uniform inspection sheets for handy reference:


Scouts wear the tan Scouts BSA shirt, either short- or long-sleeve. The shirts are available in different styles and fabrics, including cotton, polyester microfiber, and nylon. Any fabric and style is acceptable.

Neckerchief and Slide

Scouts in Troop 141 wear the red Troop 141 neckerchief and either the official Scouts BSA slide or one the Scout has created.

Merit Badge Sash

Though technically not required, a merit badge sash is an integral part of the uniform, allowing Scouts to show off their accomplishments rather than letting merit badges pile up in a drawer at home.

Optional Items

There are several official uniform parts that are typically optional, except for Scouts and leaders taking part in certain activities such as National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), Wood Badge, jamboree contingents, and other major events that require full uniforms.

Optional uniform parts include:

  • Official olive green pants, zip-off pants, and/or shorts (males)
  • Official olive green pants, zip-off pants, shorts, or skorts (females)
  • Scout belt
  • Scout hat
  • Official Scout socks, available as hiking socks, knee-high socks, or crew socks
  • Red Scout jac-shirt

If you need helping choosing uniform parts, check out the BSA Scout Shop’s Uniform Builder.

Patch Placement

Scouting Youth

Adult Leaders