Many Point 2020

Sunday, July 19–Saturday, July 25, 2020

Important Information


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with Minnesota Department of Health, CDC, and American Camp Association guidelines, Many Point will be operating differently in 2020. Here are some of the main points:

Three Independent Patrols

  • One patrol will be the girls troop, one will be older Scouts in the boys troop, and the third will be the rest of the Scouts in the boys troop.
  • These patrols will have as close to 10 in each (Scouts and adults) as possible.
  • The patrols will all stay in the Samoset campsite, but will operate as individual units for programs.
  • The patrols will choose merit badges to work on and activities to take part in as a group, not as individuals or an entire troop.
  • Families will likely be kept together in the same patrol (siblings as well as parents).

Camp Setup

  • One Scout per tent, except families may share a tent.
  • Parents may share a tent with their Scouts.
  • You may bring your own tent. The troop has several 4-person tents available for use by individual Scouts, but larger cabin tents typically used at Many Point will be only available for families.
  • Bring your own sleeping pad or cot. We will not be using Many Point cots this year as they are difficult to sanitize properly and won’t fit in smaller tents.

Travel and Check-In

  • Scouts should travel with their parent or guardian. With parental permission, they may travel with others in their patrol.
  • Instead of checking in at the registration building, we will proceed directly to Samoset.
  • A health screening will be done before anyone exists their vehicles. If someone in a vehicle fails the test, everyone in that vehicle must return home and will receive a full refund.
  • Many Point will likely assign us a scheduled arrival time to stagger overall arrivals and reduce wait times at check-in.

Program Changes

  • Patrols will choose 15–20 activities that the Many Point staff will use to create the patrol’s overall program for the week.
  • Each day will have four 2-hour program blocks for merit badges, patrol activities, etc.
  • The daytime blocks (one in the morning, two in the afternoon) will likely be for merit badges and patrol programs (rifle range, climbing wall, swimming, etc.). The evening block will be an activity based on the list the patrol chooses.
  • Some programs will be held in our Samoset campsite, while others will be held in Ten Chiefs camp or at the Flintlock outpost.
  • Each Scout will likely earn 2 or 3 merit badges through patrol programs, though independent merit badge work and/or a hybrid program (some independent work and some skills demonstration with a staff member) may allow for more to be earned.
  • No overnight older Scout programs will he held this year, but several will be available for patrol program blocks (such as mountain biking, tree house, kayaking, etc.). The age requirement is being waived this year so the entire patrol can take part.
  • No camp-wide activities will be held (such as opening and closing campfires, Beach Bash, Polar Bear, Ironman, etc.).

Heath Protocols

  • For Part C of the Annual Health & Medical Record, Scouts and adults may use any physical completed after February 1, 2019. Alternate exams, such as virtual or telephone checkups may be used for campers who did not get a physical last year or had one completed before February 1, 2019. These visits must still use the Annual Health & Medical Record form.
  • A few days before going to Many Point, each person must complete a health screening checklist. This screening form will be administered every morning at camp.
  • The troop will bring a non-contact thermometer for periodic temperature checks.
  • If someone displays possible COVID-19 symptoms, the person will be immediately isolated in the campsite. The camp health director will check the person and possibly send them to a local clinic for a COVID-19 test. The test result make take up to four days, so the entire troop (not just the patrol) will have to isolate in the campsite. If the person tests positive, the entire troop will have to go home. A pro-rated refund for camp days missed will be issued.
  • EVERYONE MUST BRING AT LEAST THREE (3) CLOTH MASKS to be worn when proper social distancing is not practical or when people from different units are together in a shared space. Three masks are required so they can be washed and rotated.
  • When cooking, meals will only be served buffet-style with social distancing, and everyone must sit at least six feet apart (unless they are family).
  • There will be no leaving camp during the week except for medical reasons.
  • If a weather situation requires shelter, immediate safety takes precedence. Wear a mask and try to maintain social distancing as much as possible in a storm shelter.

Trading Post

  • There will be limits on Trading Post access, including possible having scheduled times for patrols. There may also be product lists available in camp so people can see what’s available, helping them get in and out of the Trading Post more quickly.
  • DO NOT BRING CASH. Send a credit card or a prepaid Visa gift card. The Trading Post will have a card reader Scouts can use without a staff member needing to touch anything.

Other Notes

  • We will minimize the number of adults rotating in and out during the week. Ideally all adults will stay the entire week.
  • We will likely do the swim test at Many Point as pools are currently closed.
  • All adults staying at least 72 hours must be registered with the BSA and undergo a background check, even if you’re not part of the troop leadership team.

2020 COVID-19 and Camp Links

Dates to Remember

  • March 2, 2020: Signup begins, and requires $100 down payment (non-refundable if Scout cancels after June 1st).
  • March 30, 2020: Many Point meeting and ice cream social. Second payment of $125 is due.
  • May 18, 2020: Final $125 payment due. Medical forms, shooting waiver, badge selection and all payments due.
  • We leave Sunday, July 19 at 7:30 am from the Elim Lutheran Church parking lot. Arrive at 7:15 am (TENTATIVE TIME due to scheduled staggered arrival time) to load your personal gear. We will return Saturday, July 25, approximately 3:00 pm to Elim. Your Scout will call you shortly before arriving.

Cost and Campership Information

  • The total cost is $350. This includes transportation, camp fees, a cot, awards, and recognition patches.
  • Northern Star Council camperships may be applied by completing the Northern Star Council Campership Form. The council will discount the cost up to $152.00 in 2020.
  • Troop 141 also has a scholarship fund available for active scouts who participate in troop fundraising. See Dave Bronson or Roger Hagerman for more information.

Advancement Opportunities

  • NOTE FOR 2020: See COVID-19 information and links above for changes to this year’s program.
  • Each day has four merit badge sessions in the morning. These are when Scouts work on merit badges or other advancement.
  • Scouts going to Many Point for the first time should take First Class Adventure to jump-start their rank advancement.
    • First Class Adventure is held during sessions 2 and 3. Session 4 is First Class aquatics. First-year Scouts should choose a merit badge for session 1 only.
    • Session 1 merit badges to choose from:
      • Archaeology
      • Astronomy
      • Chess
      • Fish & Wildlife Management/Mammal Study (both badges)
      • Leatherwork/Basketry (both badges)
      • Signs, Signals and Codes
      • Weather
      • Wilderness Survival
  • All merit badge books should be purchased at the Scout Shop. Read them before camp, and be sure to complete all prerequisites BEFORE CAMP. Note that some badges have extra costs and these fees should be sent with the Troop “banker”.


What the Troop Provides

  • The troop has been maintaining cabin tents for use only at Many Point that each accommodate up to four Scouts. This allows us to leave the mosquito netting and frames at home! The large tents will give us plenty of storage and room to gather during downtime and inclement weather.
  • The troop also rents a cot for each Scout to sleep on at Many Point.

What Scouts Should Bring

  • Spending and meal money
    • This money should be in an envelope with your Scout’s name and total amount turned into the adult “banker”.
    • NOTE FOR 2020: Use a credit card or prepaid Visa gift card instead of cash.
    • This will cover meals up and back, trading post snack, merit badge supplies, extra activity fees (such as tie-dyed shirts) and ammunition tickets.
  • Items on the personal camping gear list
  • NOTE FOR 2020: Bring a sleeping pad or cot that will fit in a smaller tent (a low-profile cot would likely fit).

Equipment Notes

  • Each Scout should bring a 14-gallon Rubbermaid (or equivalent) tub to store personal gear in. These tubs are just the right size to slide under the cots.
  • Scouts may bring collapsible chairs to sit on.
  • Sunscreen should be spray-on and SPF 25+.
  • Mosquito repellent must be a lotion or pump spray only, NOT a can.
  • Fishing poles should not have hooks on them and should be broken down or in a case.

Prescription Drugs

All prescription drugs to be taken at camp should be turned into our medical officer. Medication should be in original containers and must include written directions.

If you have any questions, talk to our Many Point Chair, Tim Gebur, at or 763-535-5262.

For pictures from previous years, visit our Many Point photo galleries.

Many Point Contact Information

Camp Phone: 218-573-3257

Mailing Address:

[Scout’s Name]
Samoset – Troop 141
Ten Chiefs Camp
Many Point Scout Camp
41408 Many Point Scout Camp Road
Ponsford, MN 56575

  • If you would like to send your Scout a letter, send it early because the mail takes several days to get to camp.
  • If you want your Scout to send you letters, send paper and pen with self addressed stamped envelopes.

2020 Roster

Patrols (youth and adults due to COVID-19)

Wisteria Patrol

  • Adyra
  • Astrid
  • Emily
  • Lela
  • Molly
  • Rebecca
  • Lori Hanson (Scoutmaster, adult)
  • Keith Hill (adult)

Patrol Patrol (older Scouts)

  • Blake
  • Bradan
  • Brendan
  • Burke
  • Cole
  • Frank
  • Jake E.
  • Mark E. (Assistant Scoutmaster, adult)
  • Pete Wittmers (adult)

Meese Patrol

  • Andrew A.
  • Daniel
  • Devin
  • Drew H.
  • Eli H.
  • Evan
  • Hunter
  • Simon

Fossil Patrol

Chris Hagge (Scoutmaster, adult)John Heck (adult)

  • Chris Hagge (Scoutmaster)
  • John Heck
  • Bill Holley
  • Travis Svacina (Wednesday–Saturday)
  • Mark Eggert (Assistant Scoutmaster)
  • Pete Wittmers
  • Steve Stobbs (Sunday and Friday nights)

Helpful Links

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