Troop 141 Bead Awards

Beads are handed out to the Scouts for activities in which they participate. They are first given a totem to wear on their Scout belt. Two leather thongs hang off the totem, and Scouts slide the beads on the thongs to display their accomplishments. There is a bead for just about every activity the Scouts do, plus some special ones.

The key below explains which color bead a Scout receives for an activity and how many beads are needed to trade up to a larger bead. For each activity, a Scout will earn one bead for every attribute that applies. For example, if a Scout camps outside and the temperature drops below freezing, the Scout will be awarded both a blue bead (troop campout) and a purple bead (camping outside below 32 degrees).

Patrol activities should be pre-approved. District or council events, such as the Klondike Derby, camporees, etc., refer to events sponsored by District K or the Northern Star Council. Long-term means three or more days camping in a row, such as Many Point Scout Camp. Events that take place in the rain or snow require the weather conditions to cause some inconvenience, and need for rain wear. Sleeping under the stars means no overhead shelter. Service projects must be at least thirty minutes long and must be pre-approved by the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster.

Awarded ForType of Bead# to Trade UpNext Bead Level# to Trade UpNext Bead Level
Patrol activitiesClear31/2″ round clear
Troop campoutsBlue10Blue boot
District/council eventsGreen31/2″ round green5Green boot
Training/special eventsOrange31/2″ round orange5Orange boot
Long-term campYellow2Yellow boot
Events with rain or snowBlack31/2″ round black5Black boot
Service projectsWhite31/2″ round white5White boot
Sleep outside below 32°Purple3Purple boot
Rank advancementRed31/2″ round red2Eagle claw
RoundtableBrown31/2″ round brown5Brown boot
Sleep under starsStar31/2″ flat star
High adventureGold
2+ day canoe tripYellow canoe
PhilmontRed boot
Order of the ArrowArrowhead