Code of Conduct and Behavior Expectations

Why have a Code of Conduct?

Over the years the behavior of most Scouts is very good. A Scout that follows the Scout Oath and Law will not have any problem getting along with fellow Scouts and with the adult leadership. Sometimes it is necessary to discipline Scouts for behavior that runs contrary to Scouting ideals. The following policy is designed to let Scouts and parent know what the limits are and the measures we will take to discipline the Scout.

Essentially, these rules are designed to help make activities a better experience for all, rather than detract from the experience.

Each year, every Scout and their parent or guardian should reaffirm their commitment to the troop by reading, printing and signing the Code of Conduct.

Troop 141 Code of Conduct

In order to provide a positive, safe, and enriching environment or all Scouts; while offering opportunities for wonderful adventures; I will adhere to the following rules set by members of the troop:

  1. I will follow the Scout Law, Scout Oath, Motto, and Outdoor Code.  I will remember that these are the basis for all the following rules and should be the basis for all my actions.
  2. I will follow the posted or verbal schedule of activities and assignments specified by troop leadership.
  3. I will use the buddy system during all troop outings, and inform troop leadership where I’m going before leaving the campsite or troop activity area.
  4. I will never leave the park, camp, or any other property at which Troop 141 is holding an activity, nor will I enter a private establishment without explicit permission from troop leadership.
  5. I will do my best to be on time and wearing the appropriate uniform for all troop events.
  6. I will not use or possess any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal drugs.  If found or detected, my parents (and/or the police, if necessary) will be notified immediately.
  7. I will not bring electronic devices on any campout except cell phones, cameras, and MP3 players, without explicit permission from troop leadership.
  8. If I bring by cell phone to an outing, I alone am responsible for it. I will keep it silent or on vibrate, and will not use it during the day except as a tool or resource.
  9. When on outings I understand that lights will be out, I will be quiet, and I will be in bed by the times stated by troop leadership.
  10. Because sounds that can be heard outside my tent after lights out are disrespectful and disturbing to others, I will use headphones or earbuds when using my phone or MP3 player.
  11. I will be responsible for any property owned by a camp, the troop, or another individual that I damage.
  12. I will not use profanity or abusive language.
  13. I will use matches and lighters only when appropriate and safe and if I have my Firem’n Chit with me.
  14. I will follow Totin’ Chip rules and regulations when using knives, saws, and axes, and carry my Totin’ Chip with me whenever using these items. I may bring a long knife (up to 6”) to troop campouts, but it must be stored in a protective sheath when not in use.
  15. I will use the buddy system on all troop activities.
  16. Troop 141 is primarily responsible for the behavior, safety, and welfare of our members on all camping events.  At District or Council events, as well as at BSA camps, all District/Council/camp leaders have the right and responsibility of helping and correcting any problem they encounter.  I will follow the directions of those leaders as if they were my troop’s leaders.
  17. I understand that if I am not able to follow these rules, any discipline will be up to the troop leadership in accordance with the troop behavior policy, and their decision is final.


It is the obligation of the adult leadership to support the troop program. Adult leaders must all be sure that all activities offer safety and security for all attending, leaning heavily on the Guide to Safe Scouting. If any Scout or Scouts jeopardizes the safety and security of themselves or the group, it is up to the adult in charge to take corrective action regarding the Scouts involved.

For serious behavior problems the Scout will have to be removed from the troop activity. The procedure will be to call the parent(s). The parent(s) of the Scout will be responsible for providing transportation for their Scout to be removed from that activity.

For some less serious behavior problems a Scout may be asked not to attend the next troop activity. If this happens the parents will be called and told the reasons for the corrective measures.

Causes for Removal from Troop Activities

The following behaviors will be cause for the Scout to be removed from the activity:

  1. Possession of a weapon such as guns (including BB/pellet/look-a-like), sling shots, or any other device used in a threatening manner which includes pocketknives, sharpened sticks, etc.
  2. Possession and use of alcohol. Alcohol use is not allowed by youth or adults on any Scout activity.
  3. Possession and/or use of non-prescription drugs or controlled substances. This is not allowed by youth or adults on any Scout activity. All prescription drugs to be taken at camp by a youth must be turned over to a leader with written directions for dispensing including any potential side effects.
  4. Possession and use of tobacco products or e-cigarettes. Use of these products is not allowed by youth on any Scout activity. It is suggested that adults set the example and refrain from tobacco use within sight of the youth.
  5. Threatening others with bodily harm.
  6. Theft.
  7. Disrespect for troop leadership, youth and adult included.
  8. Hazing.

The following behaviors may necessitate a Scout missing a future Scout activity:

  1. Leaving activity or activity area without notification and permission of troop leadership.
  2. Not following camp rules.
  3. The use of unacceptable language.
  4. Fighting.
  5. Refusing to complete jobs on the duty roster.
  6. Not allowing others to sleep during quiet times.

All problems will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Scoutmaster and an assigned group of Troop Committee members. If the Scout or parent(s) or guardian(s) of the Scout would like additional explanation you may contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chair.

Electronic Device Policy

Many people visit the great outdoors to get away from technology. Please respect their desire for solitude and be considerate when using a cell phone. Troop 141 recommends cell phones and electronics are left at home.

However, Troop 141 follows the Leave No Trace Cell Phone Use Guidance. It is recognized that many outdoor recreationists carry cell phones for safety and emergencies. Be considerate of other visitors, carry and use cell phones out-of-sight and sound of other people. Keep them turned off until needed or left in a pocket on the “vibrate” or “silent” ringer setting.

Cell phone use of cameras is approved at all times but must follow BSA Youth Protection guidelines. Inappropriate use of smartphones, cameras, imaging, or digital devices is prohibited. Although most Scouts and leaders use cameras and other imaging devices responsibly, it is easy to unintentionally or inadvertently invade the privacy of other individuals with those devices. The use of any device capable of recording or transmitting visual images in or near shower houses, restrooms, or other areas where privacy is expected is inappropriate.

To be consistent with the outdoor method of Scouting, the use of electronic devices, such as games and cell phones, must adhere to the following rules:

  • Electronics and cell phones may be used in vehicles to and from camp, but only with the permission of the driver.
  • No electronic games (such as the Nintendo Switch), speakers, or other electronic entertainment devices are permitted on campouts or other activities unless specifically stated (such as an electronic gaming campout).
  • During the day, phones are not to be used except as tools (such as for leaf identification, Scout-related apps such as Knots 3D, and researching information related to an activity).
  • Phones may be used once Scouts turn in for the evening (quiet time) but the sound must be off, or Scouts must use earbuds or headphones.

Any Scout choosing to ignore these guidelines will not be permitted to bring their phone along to the next outing or campout they participate in.

Food and Beverages

No high caffeine energy drinks such as Monster, Red Bull, Rock Star etc. are allowed. The same applies to 2-liter containers of soda. Drinks such as Vita Water or Gatorade-type drinks are suggested. Youth may bring 2 or 3 cans of 12-ounce soda on a campout, but use should be consistent with at home consumption. Patrol food money shall never be used to purchase candy or sodas.

Prohibited Items

  • Firearms (except within Scout-sanctioned activities with proper supervision, such as at Scout camps or troop outings to private weapon ranges)
  • Fireworks of any kind
  • Knives with blades longer than 6″ (including machetes)
    • Knives must have a strong protective sheath or are able to fold to hide the blade.
    • Policies at Scout camps, whether council or national, may override troop policy (example: No sheath knives of any kind are permitted at Many Point).