Information for Parents

What Youth Get Out of Scouting

When your child becomes a Scout, they are joining one of the biggest organizations in the world. They will be entering a world full of exciting adventures. They will belong to a group of youth that wants to go places and do things.

As a Scout, they will learn to hike and camp, learn to live in the out-of-doors, and discover many ways to care for our planet. They will cook their own meals over a camp stove and identify all kinds of plants and animals that are part of the environment. Put into different situations, they will learn to take care of themselves. They will develop strength, confidence, good judgment, and will find out how it feels to be a leader.

Scouting experiences will help them discover that they can make good things happen in life by planning and setting goals, then reaching for them. They will be in charge of themselves and their experiences, and there’s no limit to what they can do̬if they puts their mind to it!

How You Can Make Your Scout’s Experience Incredible

This is your opportunity to be a part of your child’s Scouting adventures and experiences. It’s a chance to be with your child and show them your support and interest. Come and experience one of your child’s most exciting adventures in life—Scouting!

All adults are encouraged to help either on the Troop Committee or by joining the troop on outings and campouts. By doing this, you’ll be supporting your child in their Scouting adventure.

Resources for Parents